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Our Factory
Shenzhen Zhongjinke Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specialized in manufacturing all kinds of precision screws, precision stamping parts and precision lathe parts. The products are mainly used in electronic equipment, communication, communication, automobile, home appliance, industrial electromechanical etc. industry.
The company has a total factory area of about 13,000 square feet, more than 160 employees, with precision screw manufacturing machines, high-speed precision presses, precision automatic lathes, optical detection sorting machines and precision SMT packaging automation machines and other production equipment and a number of experimental test equipment. Has passed ISO9001: 2015, ISO14001: 2015, TS16949:2016 system certification. The product fully comply with the EU RoHS environmental directives,Companies adhere to the superb skills, reliable quality and reasonable price, integrity .
Our Product
Screw銆丯ut銆丳in銆丼tandoff銆両nsert銆丆NC product
Product Application
Electronic product銆丆ommunications-equipment銆丮otor-dom銆丠ousehold electrical appliance.
Our Certificate
Our owned patents: (SMT nuts, anti-losing screws, tools for making SMT nuts, the selector for auto inspecting the washers in threading machines, the die for milling grooves and the fixture for nylon strip installation, the holding fixture for special designed nut, a sleeve die, a nylon strip cutting tool, a sleeve open die etc.). Company certifications (iso9001,ts16949,iso14001,ohsas18001)
Production Market
Top 5 in China domestic industry.
Our Service
Our company has strong supporting team including business team, technical team and quality team for our customers. Brass Bushing made in China

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