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Our History
● 2006
Our factory was established in 2006, specialized in Research and Development, Production, Marketing and Service of Cosmetics.
● 2007
Mainly aimed at differentiated products, we produced the 1st type black hair shampoo in research and development innovation in the world.
● 2008
To further establish core team based on technology research and development of cosmetic products, business scope is the whole China, Southeast Asia, Middle East and parts of Europe and America.
● 2009
Speed up
To allocate the resources and build a whole-systems for full services.
Our factory moved to 4600 square meters manufacturing base.
● 2010
The most important change is from Production to Service strategically, confirmed 6 types professional products as the core, focused on quality, and gained GMPC certificate.
● 2013
Developed the range of products and quality, built B2C e-commerce platform.
● 2015
After many years of accumulated technology, adhere to independent research and development, continuous innovation, in view of market demand, and constantly develop new products.
● 2016
The future begins
Liwei group co., ltd. was established and entered a new era.
Our Factory
Guangzhou Liwei Cosmetics Co., Ltd. is a professional cosmetic manufacturer specialized in personal health care and cosmetics, engaged in research, development, manufacturing and marketing in China and overseas market. From our company established, our responsibility is to let our customers lead a wonderful life, provide customers high quality, effective and healthy products and sincere service with a high sense of mission. Now our company has the brand like ZHEZE、LIWEI、OUMECA、eigi、GoPerfect, etc. We have sales channels like CS, e-commerce at home, and we also support OEM/ODM for home and abroad. Our products are sold all over the world, we have exported to many international market, such as Europe, America, Middle East, India, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, etc, and also provide more excellent products and service for the world.
Our products are manufactured under strict guidelines of US FDA CFSAN GMPC, ISO 22716, Chinese National Standards (GB), and comply with EMA EU Drug Administration Regulations and GMP China Food and Drug Administration Regulations. In daily management, we pay attention to monitoring every cumbersome and repeated production process, our quality management personnel can strictly control the quality of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products, we make sure the quality and safe of each product with serious attitude. With better quality products to meet the market demand, customers can have a good quality life.
Our company adhere to the people-oriented, market demand-oriented business philosophy. We pay attention to the promotion and service of the brand and products. We adhere to: the core values of “Respect and Beauty”, promote the all-round development of all aspects of the company, and become one of the ten respected beauty and cosmetics companies in the world, and continue to create beauty and share beauty with the world!
Our Product
Our products are manufactured under strict guidelines of US FDA CFSAN GMPC, ISO 22716, Chinese National Standards (GB). The main products are skin care products, hair dye products and hair care products.
Our Certificate
Our products are manufactured under strict guidelines of US FDA CFSAN GMPC, ISO 22716, Chinese National Standards (GB).
We also have MSDS, HALAL, etc. All the docs. you need we all can provide.
Production Equipment
Electric Steam Boiler
Ozone Generator
Filling Machine
Mask Filling Machine
Integrated Automatic Filling Machine
2 in 1 Sachet Filling Machine
Sealing Machine
Labeling Machine
Shrink Wrappers
Cartoning sealing machine
Vacuum homogenizing emulsifier
Stirring homogenizing emulsifier
Suspension emulsifier
Reverse osmosis water treatment
Rotary screw air compressor
Production Market
So far, we have exported to USA, UK, Norway, Germany, France, Italy, Dubai, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Pakistan, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea, Iran, Kazakstan and many other countries.
Our Service
Before selling, we can provide free samples for customers to test the quality. What’s more, the smell and the formulation can be customized according to your need. If you are not really satisfied with the formulation, we can revise and resent it to you.
After receiving your deposit, our designer will start designing, including your logo, model, typesetting, language, etc. During this process, we can not revise the design until your approval.
We will also track the products with the agent, make sure the goods can be delivered in time. If the product have any quality problems, we will offer 100% compensation.China White Essence Cream factory

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